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Lundi, 16 Septembre 2013 23:01
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When news came out of Africa in years past it was typically talking about its countries needing aid or assistance.  Although, Africa is becoming a place where investments are giving back profits. Moving away from the era when Africa was the face of poverty, governments in Africa are now geared towards development.



Despite harbouring a great chunk of third world countries, the rate at which the countries are moving to middle class economies serves as an opportunity for lucrative investments in the region. Discovery in the areas of mining as well as energy projects have overtaken matters of food security and as such provide fertile ground for investment.

A majority of the African population are now moving towards the middle class, especially with the championing of the right to a basic income. Governments are now investing in self-employment for their citizens, creating a demand chain of goods that citizens need to achieve their endeavours. Now more than ever an investor identifying the need will supply and get impressive returns.

Infrastructure growth in African countries is now at a remarkable growth rate beacause there are more road users now than ever before. The energy sector is also growing at a flattering rate as well to cater for the new developments that are arising. In essence, Africa is growng and other countries are taking notice and beginning to invest in these sectors to see gains down the road.

Open trade blocks are still another opportunity to be explored. Removing trade barriers means cross-border trade just got easier allowing businesses to go across borders easier than before. Who said you have to invest only in one country? Stabilizing countries that are in need of basic services are proving to be an avenue to invest by providing banking services for example, or offering mining services, or the delivery of imported products to such growing countries.

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