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Monday, 26 July 2010 08:51

New Website Contains All Laws

WINDHOEK, Namibia, July 25, 2010 (Namibian Economist) — A comprehensive project to make a host of legal information available to users via a web interface was launched in Windhoek. This ambitious undertaking known as the Namibian E-Laws project is a tool to improve access to the law, not only by legal practitioners but also by the officials in the Ministry of Justice and by the public in general.


Deputy Minister of Justice, Hon Tommy Nambahu representing the minister, Hon Pendukeni Iivula-Itana, said the ministry has invested a significant amount of its resources to develop various di-gital platforms where information pertaining to the practice of justice is available.


"The Namibia E-Laws will become part of a wider network of E-services such as the Namibian Courts Information System (NAMCIS) and the Justice Net (JustNet) which the ministry has already operationalised," he said. "The Namibian E-Laws is not only a tool to be used within the Ministry of Justice but a tool for access to law and justice by the general public including the legal fraternity. This tool should also be utilised by the members of parliament to access current and historical legislation to enrich their debates."


Nambahu said the ministry realised that people have rights at all times but that these rights are difficult to enforce especially when the bearers of those rights do not even know what the content of those rights are. Access to law is an essential element of access to justice.


To alleviate the constraints in justice arising from a lack of access to information, the ministry drafted and adopted a strategic plan in April last year. The ministry undertook to provide and expand its E-services to all its customers via a number of inter-connected websites containing not only all post-Independence laws, but all court records, and, before the end of this year, also the entire body of pre-Independence legislation.


Highlighting the system's benefits and future use, Nambahu said the Namibian E-Laws should make the work of the judiciary easier as all laws and relevant cases of the High and Supreme Courts will be available online 24/7. "Government ministries will be able to access relevant Namibian laws that they administer [and] with minor adjustments and extension, international agreements and treatise [will be available.]"


Chairman of the Law Reform and Development Commission, Ombudsman John Walters drew attention to some of the outdated peculiarities in the legal codex when jokingly said the manager of Shoprite can be charged under Sundays Observance Proclamation of 1920 for trading on a Sunday, as this still forms part of the active body of laws. Walters sees the E-Laws platform as a major step in consolidating, streamlining and updating Namibian legislation, parts of which date back to 1918.


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