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South African Bank To Provide $100 million Grant To Boost Agriculture


By David Allan Paintsil,

ACCRA, Ghana, March 21 (Buziness Africa) - Four countries in the sub-Saharan Africa namely Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique, are to benefit from a $100 million agricultural credit facility from the Standard Bank Group of South Africa.

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Recovery plan calls for rule of law and an end to farm invasions

By Tichaona Sibanda

NAMIBIA, March 19 (Pamzuka) - The inclusive government’s new ‘Short-Term Emergency Recovery Programme’ (STERP), was officially launched on Thursday. It commits the administration to upholding the rule of law, as well as stopping any further farm invasions.

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Food Security Requires Increased Fertiliser Use

By Wambi Michael

KAMPALA, Mar 6 (IPS) - A mix of organic and inorganic fertilisers, together with good seed could help Africa to replenish depleted soils and to grow more food in the fight against hunger and food insufficiency.

A study by U.S.-based International Center For Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development indicates that fertiliser use in Africa is on average less than ten percent of that in Asia, offering one explanation for why production of of important food crops such as cereals, tubers and legumes has stagnated or declined.

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